Sault Ste. Marie Wedding Venues

If your looking for the best wedding venue in Sault Ste. Marie for cheap , then look no further! We have carefully chosen the top locations for your reception day …

Getting married is a beautiful proof of love and commitment over the long term between a couple.

Where the wedding takes place is crucial and you must choose carefully. Where the cocktails will be, wine , buffet and meals. This is all part of the budget goal, the preferences of the bride and groom will determine the ideal location. It is quite feasible to organize a beautiful day without breaking the bank, provided it takes a little time in advance.

Is the price cheap and affordable ?

best cheap outdoor wedding venues in Sault Ste. Marie

To find a place for an inexpensive cost, you have to book a little in advance, in order to have enough choices. Some places are rented with or without the equipment, depending on the room’s rental service. For a the reception, consider the number of guests, as well as the area. Some wedding venues Sault Ste. Marie often offer a empty banquet hall. Following the evening’s themed buffet meals, sitting, dancing, it is better to get a particular room. The rental of tables, chairs, sound system and appliances helps to get a good price for the room, compare prices and create competition. A cheap rental hall is not necessarily associated with a small one!

The country farm for outdoor wedding venues

Among the favourite spots for future newly-weds, is the farm. It must be said that a farm will be far less conventional than an expensive restaurant, it is a classic space but also more authentic than a room rental. Again, as well as to find a cheap rental, it will take time to visit the different farms, as well as compare the offers. The price may be interesting depending on the season. In colder seasons, the cheap Sault Ste. Marie wedding venues cost a little cheaper than during the summer time.

The restaurant for a more conventional indoor wedding

The restaurant remains a classic for weddings: using a restaurant allows you to choose the place according to the budget. Restaurants usually offer menus packages such as “all inclusive”, which allows you to control the budget while benefiting from skilled providers. It is feasible to choose a restaurant in a field or a vineyard to make the the occasion romantic and unique. Among the most unique places to get married, the restaurant is not top on the list. However, if it is chosen in a special setting, it could be just as good as the farm, castle or the boat.

The boat for a wedding on the water

The boat is one of the most special places. Boats are chosen based on the number of people, the theme of the evening and the budget. Between the small boat, large or luxury boat, they are all good choices according to what you are looking for.You must determine your budget spending for the boats you want. Next is the location of the ship. For a sit-down meal, ensure that the boat is spacious enough to accommodate all your guests. The downside, it is imperative to reserve the boat in advance especially if the it will take place in the summer time..

The castle for a romantic and luxurious wedding

Finally, the castle is one of the most romantic places, and the most luxurious. It is like having that fairy tale come true from when you were a little child! Renting a castle is more expensive than a room rental. A castle generally offers several kinds of services: single natural settings for the photos, patio for the cocktail reception room for the meal and a room for dancing. Some castles also have rooms, so guests do not leave by car at night. Treat yourself with this dream wedding, fit for a true princess.

It is an understatement to say that there are thousands of choices to make when organizing the outdoor Sault Ste. Marie wedding venues . It is committing to the person with whom you will want to spend the rest of your life, which is absolutely wonderful in itself. If you are lucky enough to have found your sweetheart, choosing the best time to do it is the great demand. The choice of a date convenient to both and at least 95% of your guests who will be coming to witness your special day. But I promise you that all this can prove to be a wonderful task !

Today I would like to give you some tips to help you make one of the most important decisions of this adventure, which will affect each of your decisions.

We must first ask yourself three key questions (after setting your budget, of course!):

-Are you religious and want your wedding in a place of worship ?

-How many guests are you expecting to attend? 30 people or a large family of 300?

-What kind of place do you like, where do you feel better? A museum filled with works of art? A boutique hotel in downtown? An old barn in the countryside? If you said a villa in Tuscany, we understand you!

With these answers, you can then start looking for the ideal place. Also some good help for you can be Google, parents and friends, blogs, photographers or wedding planners: you’ll see many marriages of which you may had a heart stroke but they certainly guide you to places unusual or that you did not know existed. To avoid crises (and maintain the harmony of your couple), I suggest you look at two places, you can compare up to three if you have nerves of steel.

Here are my top 10 important things to check before choosing a wedding venue:

  1. Room Dimensions : Usually, there are about 10 ft per person for a sit down meal, with round tables of 60 inches of eight. In 3000 ft, you should be able to accommodate 300 people. But beware! Remember that you will definitely need a dance floor, a lounge area, a photo booth or stage for your band. Keep in mind what will be in the room and do not just rely on figures.
  2. Cocktail area : Is there a fireplace, a terrace or garden for cocktails? Is the area covered, is it heated? If not, is there a plan B if the weather is bad on your wedding venue in Sault Ste. Marie day? More importantly: Is there any extra charge for this second space?
  3. Parking : Parking is it shared or exclusive for you? How many spaces does it have? Do you need to pay or is it included? If there is not, perhaps will you consider a shuttle service or valet?
  4. Access to the room hours : Not only for installation on the wedding day, but also for disassembly. Some places allow you to return the next day, others require you to restore the site condition before leaving. It is information that you must absolutely mention your suppliers because of dismantling fees that may apply.
  5. Inclusions : Does the place offer anything extra? Tables, chairs, tablecloths, towels, garden furniture? Ask to see the equipment, see the colors, make sure of the quantities. Do they have lighting, a sound system, a projector and screen? And if you want to rent, is there a room for storing the equipment ?
  6. Exclusives : Some rooms work exclusively with caterers, bar services or audiovisual services companies. In the event you choose a supplier other than those proposed, they could charge you a fee or penalty. Hence the importance of the question from the start.
  7. Accessibility to the room : Is the staircase the only way for your guests to get to the reception room on the 4th floor? Is there a lift for the disabled or the elderly? If you rent furniture, is there a loading dock?
  8. Candles : this may seem like a small detail, but if you were thinking of having hundreds of candles in your room, it is important to ask if the room allows it. Most of the time, open flames are prohibited. Some places may require LED candles, which does not have the same effect, admit it! So this is definitely an important step.
  9. Additional costs : In addition to the room rental fees, find out about the cleaning, electricity (a band requires much more stuff than a DJ!), To set up the room, storage.Is the dressing room included? Will you have security guards?
  10. Contract : Request a sample contract and take the time to read all the agreements: (We hope not, but hey) what will happen if you have to cancel the wedding. Does the room demand food and drinks? Make sure that everything you have agreed together will be shown in the final contract.

Ok, I will give you an eleventh tip! Go there to visit the places! Meet the coordinator or manager, see if the place is right for you in person, and see how long they take to respond to your calls or emails. If everything seems to go wrong from the beginning, tell yourself that things will become more complex as you approach the date of your wedding, and your stress level will increase. So it is important to be 100% confident in your choice.

So this was an overview guide of choosing the top Sault Ste. Marie wedding venue locations for your reception banquet hall and what we think is the most important aspects of the places you decide to look at. We hope you have an excellent, fabulous, fantastic special day that you will remember for the rest of your life ! 🙂 Cheers!